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The Terms of Online- Charity Auction

1. General Provisions

1.1. Charitable Internet Auction (CIA) is not a commercial project. Lots offered for free of charge, ie, the entire amount of the purchase of the lot goes to charity through autonomous non-profit organization of additional education “International Art Therapy School of Art for Children” Melior “, which uses them for rehabilitation wards children.

1.2. Trust for CIA are children with disabilities, passing recoverable art therapy in the “International Art – Therapeutic School of the Arts for Kids” Melior “or other charitable organizations that have signed an agreement on grant aid Autonomous Nonprofit Organization of additional education” International .Art – Therapeutic School Art for Children “Melior”.

1.3. CIA representatives of the Organizer are moderators of “Charity Auction”. The organizer announces the completion of the auction for Lot.

1.4. Bidder – any registered user of the website, over 18 years.

1.5. Buyer – The winning bidder in the auction.

1.6. Organizer – mediator, offered for sale star lots.

1.7. The star – human, who has attained success in his business, who became widely known among the different segments of the population and attracting attention of television and the press. Option to recognize each and every person who wants to participate in the action, to the category of Stars – is at the discretion of the Organizer.

1.8. Lot – the object of the auction.

1.9. Classified listing – it is an advertisement for the realization things, which are owned by Star (hereinafter – Offer).

1.10. Bid – an offer party BIA new auction price of the lot, which is higher than the previous in terms of money.

1.11. Starting price – initial value of the lot.

1.12. BLITZ price – this is the value that can be purchased Lot. Member, who was the first to agree to the BLITZ price automatically becomes the successful bidder for a particular Lot.

1.13. The minimum bid increment is set individually, depending on the category of Lot, and is 1000, 2000, 3000 rubles, and so on, ie each successive bid must be higher than the previous amounting to a multiple of 1000, 2000, 3000 rubles, and so on. An exception is the
BLITZ-rate price, it is fixed.
Independently determine the number of steps by pressing the “+” button.

1.14. Ads on the site; бумажныйкораблик.рф (hereinafter – the Site) in auction section served free of charge. Place an ad for the auction can each and every person who falls under the definition Star.

1.15. On the auction page to post pictures implemented Lots, its description, belonging to a particular Lot Star, Videos from stars.

1.16. To participate in the bidding for Lot can any user of the website; bumazhnyykorablik.rf.

1.17. Each User hereby understands and agrees that if he commits actions to obtain liked him Lot, he gets exactly Lot, picture and description of which is given on the relevant page of the auction (size, color, composition, completeness, material and workmanship, appearance, condition etc.). Colors may vary due to color distortion technical communication image.

1.18. Each user before committing to the auction necessary actions to obtain Lot, understands and hereby agrees that the implementation of them (in terms of their content and legal consequences) to pay for the Lot, there is not the fulfillment of obligations regarding the purchase transaction – the sale of Lot, and the commission of donations (ie voluntary transfer of money) in favor of the authorized activities of the Autonomous non-profit organization of additional education “International Art Therapy School of Art for Children” Melior “, which uses them in rehabilitation wards children.

1.19. Organizer guarantees that presented at each and every page Auction Lot – is exactly that thing, which a real star gave, which is shown in the photo, and it follows from characterizing information.

1.20. If you do not agree with the terms of this Regulation, you should refuse to participate in bidding.

1.21. Administration of this site; бумажныйкораблик.рф reserves the right to change the “rules of the CIA”, followed by a notice to all auction participants and users of the site.

2. Rules of The Charity online auction

2.1. The moment of agreement with these Rules shall be the moment you press the Participant “Register” button located at the bottom of the page registration site; бумажныйкораблик.рф. Participants agree to be bound by all terms and conditions.

2.2. Actual using the site by the Participant of; бумажныйкораблик.рф also confirms the consent of the Participant with the terms hereof.

2.3. The site; бумажныйкораблик.рф creates a directory where you can view all the items that will be taking part in the auction and place your bet on the selected Offer.
Each original Lot for auction star passed directly involved in the project, or its official representative.

2.4. CIA winner for each lot becomes participant whose rate at the end of the auction is the maximum (or one who offers BLITZ price).

2.5. The buyer is obliged to pay the auction within 2 working days after the auction and the announcement of the winner. If he can not do this, you must notify this fact and the reasons for and the approximate duration of the Organizer making payment in private message and the specified email.

2.6. The organizer must submit or send to non-resident winner parcel with the goods within 3 days after receipt of payment to the account of the lot and the appearance of confirmation in the subject line, “Reports of payment.”

2.7. Payment Options lot published in the section “Payment and Delivery”
Member of the auction, the winning bids on a particular Lot, transfer funds in any convenient manner specified in the section “Payment and delivery.”

2.8. In the event that the buyer refuses to purchase the lot or are not contacted within 2 days after the end of the auction, the winner is automatically considered a previous buyer with the highest rate.

2.9. Please be careful and deliberate when approach to the question of participation in the Auction. Before you make a bet, be sure to consider whether you can pay for the auction. If you have any doubts, leave a lot for those who do acquire. Messages requesting removal accidentally wager will be considered by the moderator section.

2.10. Collection period and adding lots, as well as deadline for bids and bidding is determined by the moderator and displayed on the page of each Lot.

2.11. For questions and suggestions, you can contact support of Charity internet – auction by e-mail:

3. Rules for participation

3.1. Each registered user over 18 years of the site may take part in the Auction (as a buyer); бумажныйкораблик.рф.

3.2. User agrees not to use the program, as well as other automatic device, or the operated person processes designed to monitor or copy web pages; бумажныйкораблик.рф (marketplace), without prior written permission from the site.

3.3. User is obliged to refrain from copying in any form, as well as reproduce, modify, supplement, distribution (including the public display), commercial or other purposes site content; бумажныйкораблик.рф (or any part thereof), as well as to refrain from creating his (her) on derivatives include, without prior written permission from the site.

3.4. User agrees not to use any devices or software to interfere or attempt to interfere in the normal functioning of the site; бумажныйкораблик.рф or in the course of trading.

3.5. The User is obliged to refrain from any actions that lead to excessive or unreasonable load infrastructure site; бумажныйкораблик.рф.

3.6. Organizer has the right to insert links to websites, blogs, etc.

3.7. Organizer has the right to set unlimited number of lots. The buyer has the right to make an unlimited number of bets on any of the lots.

3.8. When the organizer receives the lot from the star is not responsible for her condition, serviceability and performance.

3.9. When new items come- they are added to the “Catalogue of lots”, until the end of the auction.

3.10. To get answers on questions and disputes you should contact the moderator section “Charity Auctions”.

3.11. Organizer in some cases, has the right to submit a request to the Participant to provide a copy of the identity document (passport), as well as photos of his images for comparison with the submitted copy of the document. Sending copies of documents and photographs made on a voluntary basis; This information is used for verification with the registration data of the user. The procedure to confirm the identity in some cases may be a condition for the continuation of trading online; бумажныйкораблик.рф.
After confirming the authenticity of the data provided copies of documents and photos are deleted. Request such data solely for the purpose of security trading online; бумажныйкораблик.рф.

4. Responsibilities of the participants

4.1. The user is responsible for the accuracy and compliance with applicable laws of the Russian Federation provided they Site; бумажныйкораблик.рф. information.

4.2. If the Organiser becomes aware of a violation of the Terms of this Regulation to such User organizer has the right to impose the following sanctions:
– Prevention;
– Limit access to exchanges (site; бумажныйкораблик.рф;)
– Cessation of access to trading floors (site; бумажныйкораблик.рф).
Term limits / termination of access is at the discretion of the Organizer.

5. Confidentiality

5.1. The organizer is obliged to keep confidential and not disclose to third parties information obtained from users when they register and when editing a user of their details, except where such disclosure is necessary in accordance with applicable Russian legislation.

5.2. The User agrees to keep confidential and not disclose to third parties information about your password. If the user’s password information for one reason or another will become available to third parties, the User agrees to change it immediately.

6. Final Provisions

6.1. The organizer has the right at any time to make changes to these Terms by posting on the site; бумажныйкораблик.рф its new version. New revision of the rules come into force immediately after its placement.

6.2. If you change user rights continues to use the Service; бумажныйкораблик.рф, the User is considered to agree with the new version of the Rules.

6.3. In the event of disputes between the Parties and disagreements by these Rules or in connection with the Parties undertake to resolve them through negotiations.

6.4. If any dispute, controversy or claim arising out of this Regulation or in connection with them, including on its performance, breach, termination or invalidity thereof, is not permitted in accordance with article 6.3. this Regulation, the case is pending in court at the location of Commerce site (site) in accordance with current legislation.