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melior“Melior” – is an innovative training – development centers, which have the goal to reveal the genius of special children and give them a “start in life.”

During the 2012 – 2013 years in school (free; due benefactors) Teach the 37 children with mental retardation, cerebral palsy and children with cochlear implants (hearing impaired).

MISSION “Melior”:

Medical, psychological and social rehabilitation of disabled children and their parents, health improvement, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various diseases.

With the help of teachers of school going all-round development of the individual and the maximum self-realization of each child, taking into account its individual characteristics: inclinations, abilities, social status, mental and physical development.


“Melior” is in free access to 15 children with various visual impairments, developmental delays and severe forms of cerebral palsy. Several of them almost are not able to move on their own.
Each child needs a special complex correction – psychological support for dozen years!
Specialists from schools “Melior” was developed unified system of organization of correctional – educational process and its maintenance.

The school has everything you need for psychological assistance, talent development and change for the better quality of life for children with disabilities.
An important feature – a unique method of Art – therapy, psychological rehabilitation of Art, is well proven in operation.
The author of the method – the supervisor, Ph.D. Klyona Koroleva.

You can help the individual child:

DASHA Kochetkova, 12 YEARS.

В школу «Мелиор» Даша пришла очень замкнутой девочкой, она очень быстро уставала, капризничала и отказывалась заниматься. Вначале занятия с педагогом…

ANTON Zobnin, 9 YEARS.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Anton is always in a good mood. Boy loves to laugh and joke. Says that when he grows up he become a sculptor. And he loves to sculpt and paint. Especially likes "cartoon" superheroes. Anton…


Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Vadim is a very inquisitive and serious boy. We call him "The Professor". He reads a lot, especially the literature of history of art. Vadim always listens carefully to his teachers and performs all tasks.…

ALINA Sinyavin 8 YEARS.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Alina is very sociable and cheerful girl. From the very first lesson she amazed everyone with his palette. Alina's works radiate warmth and positive energy. She draws only with warm sunny colors such pictures with…


Diagnosis: Deafness. Jora won brain cancer, after which he became deaf. After a long and grueling years of treatment, he began to hear. In his 14 years, the boy learns to speak again. Jora cheerful and energetic, loves…

Nadezhda Khakhaleva 14 YEARS.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Nadya is quite large and understands everything. She is aware of the severity of her illness. Girl tries to find good friends who will share feelings and opinions with she. She's trying to fulfill her…

JURA Bobrakov 10 years.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Jura has a very severe degree of cerebral palsy: he hardly spoke and is not able to walk. Boy can operate with only one handle and spots 20%. Jura is wary of new people. After…


Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy Varya - girl with a very developed outlook. Despite her 4 years old, she is always has serious approach to the task. Varya is not able to move her hands. Fine motor skills are absent.…

JANET Shiyanova 10 years.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Janet- very cheerful girl, the real soul of the company. She's a big fashionista, she likes to dress up and draw a fairy princess in beautiful dresses. Most of all Janet loves animals and all…


Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Luke is a cheerful child who likes to be photographed and to be in the spotlight. In the school "Melior" the boy found a friend- teddy Misha. For him, Luke each lesson carefully sculpts some…

MAXIMILIAN Alexandrov, 12 YEARS.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Maximilian studying in a regular school, where he was often bullied because of illness. Maxim engaged in school "Melior" more than a year, and its relation to the outside world has changed dramatically: he is…

KOLYA Galenko, 9 YEARS.

Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy. Kolya is a very diligent and hardworking boy. The classes which are given to him seems very hard, but he never complains that he is tired or wants to relax. He realizes that he can…

“Melior”. To especial children – NEW HORIZONS!

PmHYiGG6GGQKlyona Koroleva. Founder and scientific director of the school “Melior”, Ph.D., author of Art – therapeutic training for children with cerebral palsy.

I have dedicated my life to working with people with disabilities. Few people know, but in our country, according to various estimates about half a million people living with cerebral palsy (Cerebral Palsy).

The number of such people is comparable to the population of Astrakhan, Khabarovsk, Tomsk. They have a very difficult life, especially children.

Each such child has to fight for life, for a normal life! At school, my friends and Melior help them find their way and firmly on it to go.

We understand that it may take years before a child can learn what other children take months.

We are looking for a predisposition to a certain type of activity in children with disabilities, train them, remove the psychological clamps and give the opportunity to acquire a profession. It is not necessary to limit them also the possibility of self-realization!

Believe me, children with cerebral palsy are very strong and positive people who have a chance to socialize and find their place in life. They just need a little help. Both me and my friends are looking forward to your support!