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The chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization additional education “International Art – Therapeutic Art School for Children” Melior “

Reznikov Dmitry Borisovich

«I’m helping! The desire to help someone occurs in humans every day. We all remember the rush at the sight of asking help:

“That’s a pity! He has to be helped, now fetch the purse.” But we usually do not have time and life carries us past. And we immediately give a vow: “Next time we will stay and certainly help.”

Every day we hear from parents and children, from relatives and friends request for help – at least “go shopping” at least “to wash the dishes.” Usually we do not want! Usually we want everyone to do our work! We should all work hard and make an effort!

I do not want to insist, I do not want to force you to give us your support.
I want to help you! I want to bring you joy and happiness! Happiness and joy of discovery and execution of desire!

This project aims to ensure that your help was equal to your abilities and your desires!
You do not have to go across your schedule, you do not need effort.
Just want it! I want to help! – I help!»

Board Member of the Autonomous Nonprofit Organization of additional education “International Art – Therapeutic Art School for Children” Melior “

Bulkin Mikhail Alexandrovich

«Helping special children to become healthy – the main task of the Charity project “Paper toy ship”.
For me, the main objective was to show that today, the charity can be attractive, and most importantly affordable!
There is no need to have millions on the bank account or spend time and effort to make the good work.

It’s enough to make the right and informed choice in favor of sampling the healthy life for our children.
It is important to understand that your help – is a lot of drops from which borns the sea. Sea, where outside is not visible, but only horizon. Horizons of features of special children!

The old adage states: When you help – you get. This rule works until now. The project “Paper toy ship” gives children a chance to regain health, and you – what you want.
Charity begins from everyone! Charity begins with me!»

Svetlana Jukova - Organizer


Elshan Gurbanov - Organizer


Julia Zaytceva - Photographer


Evgeniy Kharitonov - Composer


Anton Ichitovkin - Multiplier


Dmitrii Ershov - Web developer